Angle Orange conceptualised a foot-traffic driver for adidas that was integrated in its awareness campaign for the Total Sports Women’s Race. The communication focused on encouraging women to get ready for the race by purchasing a pair of adidas sneakers and standing the chance to win eight free sessions with a personal trainer. All registered runners also received a voucher with their race pack.


South African women of all ages, primarily living in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.


The overall popularity of the event was growing quite rapidly, with the total media coverage increasing by around 50% from the previous year and the number of entrants increasing by 5000. These insights made the Women’s Race an ideal partnership for adidas to push its performance footwear.


We developed a multi-tiered campaign that leveraged digital and print to raise awareness to the race. Through posters, shoe tags, shelf-talkers, and wall stickers displayed in-store and at Virgin Active gyms, we were able to encourage women to sign-up for the race and purchase a pair of adidas performance sneakers. For digital promotion, we used mailers, social media and a blog featuring a training schedule to help them get ready for the race. All touchpoints communicated that women who purchased a pair of adidas sneakers would stand a chance to win eight free sessions with a personal trainer, setting them up for a successful race.


Shoe tags, posters, stickers, shelf talkers.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, mailers, blog banner, video content.


The social media campaign reached over a million unique users. Sell-through for the performance sneakers increased by 21% in the months leading up to the race.

Totalsports Womens Race mockup.jpg