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In some situations, sales staff can be a critical component to achieving increased sell-out, especially when looking at purchases that are more considered by shoppers. In order to ensure sales staff are selling your products, you need to hold mind share with them. We work with brands to educate, excite and incentivise sales staff.  


You know your product and brand's USPs, but do the people on the frontlines in-store know what they are and how to sell them effectively? We work with you to develop engaging and measurable education programmes to ensure they do. 


Are the people assisting shoppers in your category motivated to sell your products? We develop team-based and individual incentives to encourage positive motivation driven through reward.     


A reward does not always need to be financial, sometimes all that is needed is recognition of achievement. We develop programmes that work to recognise the people selling your product in a way that is genuine and sincere.  

Our Approach

We understand that every retailer is different and has their own views on how to engage with their staff. We work closely with you to establish what protocols and procedures are in place with your retailers that may prevent the development of mindshare. We then identify ways to encourage sales staff in-store and keep your retail partner happy. 

Let's Chat

If you need to grow your brand's mindshare with the staff in-stores, we can help. 

Our team will work with you to understand your sales objectives, the retailer's regulations, and information access. We will then propose an approach that delivers on your objectives.  


Obtaining an accurate and in-depth understanding of shopper and consumer behaviour is crucial to identifying conversion leavers. We deploy a variety of innovative research methodologies, tailored to your needs and budget, to inform how you can adapt to improve conversion.​


We develop results-driven marketing campaigns that focus on effective awareness and conversion leavers. Utilising digital and traditional touchpoints, we leverage a variety of communication approaches that are developed to catch, connect and convert shoppers of your category into buyers of your brand.


Have you ever struggled to ensure your market execution/implementation delivers against your needs? For 10+ years, we have developed detailed channel implementation playbooks for some of the world's biggest organisations, ensuring not only speed of execution, but implementation accuracy.​

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