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Recognising Innovation that’s simple and effective | Duram

Updated: Jan 4

At Angle Orange, we like to recognise the execution of great shopper marketing, both locally and abroad. This particular execution was recognised by our Founder Pierre le Grange while embarking on a challenging mission to purchase paints for his house. Ultimately, he went with Duram, influenced by their simple and innovative shopping experience, which started online and culminated in-store.

Beauty through simplicity is a concept that artists have exercised for as far back as anyone can remember, and to this day, some of the most noteworthy inventions have also subscribed to this notion – queue Duram. The South African paint brand’s colour display and sample offerings are a simple yet effective upgrade from your run-of-the-mill colour wall. This eliminates the anxiety of selecting paint colours, making it a more pleasant and less time-consuming experience.

If you’ve ever found yourself elbows deep in colour charts, trying to discern which of two almost identical shades would look better on your wall, you will see the value of Duram’s smart new display for their Habitat Colour Collection. Upon entering LT Discount Paint Wholesalers in Woodstock, Cape Town, the colour gradient of the mini cubes exhibited by Duram is immediately noticeable, despite being nestled between two big-name competitors. This gives the South African brand an edge by positioning it first in the line for shopper consideration.

Lights are strategically placed above the display to even out the appearance of the colours, ensuring that shadow casting is consistent and doesn’t compromise the representation of some shades over others. This has resulted in a stand that is more luminous than its adjacent challenger - another key advantage.

Speaking to DIY Trade News, Duram Sales Director Francois Swart explains the time investment that went into this concept and why it’s so effective. “Four years of consumer analysis, colour curation and business case building by colour, resulted in the new generation Duram ‘Lifestyle’ Colour Wall, that incorporates the newly launched Habitat Colour Collection. The 3D Habitat Colour Collection blocks visually display the impact of light and shadows on colour perception, thereby reducing comebacks to retailers by consumers unsure of the impact,” he says. He goes on to praise how the “more than just a colour wall” display benefits both the retailer and the customer by acting as a silent salesman that simplifies decision-making.

There are also 90ml-sized Colour samples for each hue, retailing at R20.00. These can be taken home and tested on the walls to see how well they work with the room’s lighting and furniture, prior to making the purchase commitment of a larger quantity.

The palette for the Habitat Colour Collection was curated to fit a contemporary home, with the inspiration derived from the natural landscapes of South Africa. This reassures the shopper that any colour selected from this collection is suitable for a living space.

Duram has managed to successfully capture the imagination of the shopper through their visual evolution within the online space. With all the digital tools available, it will be interesting to see how they expand their content delivery mechanisms to further demonstrate to the shopper how the products can be used - there is a lot of room for creativity in this regard.

Angle Orange recognises Duram’s unique display as excellent shopper marketing, because of its ability to focus the shopper’s attention on the products and remove decision-making barriers like time and uncertainty.

Can you name other brands that exhibit innovative shopper marketing? If so, comment below. If you're seeking effective shopper marketing solutions to recruit potential customers at the point of purchase, shoot an email to and let's start a conversation.

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