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How to Win Holiday Marketing | Rise Above the Noise

Updated: Jan 10

We at Angle Orange have started a new series where we acknowledge well-executed marketing by various brands in the retail space, and with Easter rapidly approaching, we're narrowing our focus on successful holiday marketing.

Go into pretty much any shop during certain times of the year [Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc] and it’s like a marketing warzone. With every brand screaming at the top of their lungs competing for the shopper’s attention, it makes it difficult to know where to even look. But some brands have managed to rise above the noise with their cleverly creative executions. Take Clinique for example.

For their Christmas gifting campaign at Foschini, Clinique used simple messaging to immediately solve two shopper problems - finding a gift and staying within the budget - by using the call out: “Gifts under R1000” and “Gifts under R2000”. Because the products were not targeted specifically at the end-user in this instance, the brand knew that the shopper might not want to invest as much time trying to decipher which products go with what, so they neatly bundled them together for a more frictionless experience.

Though red may be a commonly used Christmas colour, Clinique’s take on it was unique because of the candy cane stripe approach they opted for. This, combined with other large elements placed at eye level, gave their campaign immediate standout upon walking into the store.

As an added bonus, they were also offering a branded tote bag as a gift with purchase, leveraging the word “free” to further entice shoppers who are always looking to get more value for their money, especially at this time of the year.

Well done to the team that pulled this one off!

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