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Effective Seasonal Marketing | Sometimes Less is More

Updated: Jan 10

We at Angle Orange have started a new series where we acknowledge well-executed marketing by various brands in the retail space and we’re kicking it off with Reebok.

Every year during the month of November there’s a weekend where Black Friday and Christmas collide at a marketing intersection of sorts. While some brands buckle under the pressure of the occasion, trying to be everything to everybody, Reebok proved that sometimes simple messaging combined with a clean execution is the winning formula.

It was only a few years ago that South African brands decided to mimic their overseas counterparts by heavily leaning into the Black Friday Sale promotion. However, over time the hype plateaued. Local shopper sentiments shifted from excitement to scepticism, as discounts were not deemed comparable to those in other countries. This was coupled with the growing speculation that some brands were even trying to deceive shoppers with tactics that included gross product mark-ups just weeks before Black Friday, only to bring them down to their original price under the guise of a special.

However, brands like Reebok stayed true to the spirit of the occasion with their 70% sale, promoted through digital platforms and in-store POS. Their promotion was effective because it communicated exactly what the shopper would be looking for on this particular occasion - discounts, savings and value - in a clear and straightforward manner. They opted for a large, bold font on a contrasting background for maximum visibility, keeping their messaging as succinct as possible.

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