Welcome To Our Post-Lockdown Insights Hub

We're on a journey to make sense of the lockdown’s impact on South African shopper behaviour. We are making some of this research available to the marketing community to aid their understanding of the effect on various market sectors. While uncertainty is still thick in the air, we hope to be part of efforts toward transcending doubt and moving into evaluated risk and, finally, into understood opportunity in our shared new normal. 


Marketing During COVID-19

New Normal

How has the pandemic changed shopper behaviour in general? What do shoppers and consumers expect from brands during this time?


Home Appliances

More Housework?

Are people now looking to invest in new appliances and cookware?


Liquor Shopping

Changing Consumption Habits

Are people changing their category preference or are they down trading on quality?


Retail FMCG

Increased Online Shopping

How many of the people who recently started shopping for groceries online will continue to do so?


Clothing Shopping

Comfort Over Style

How are people’s preferences shifting with spending more time at home?


Car Maintenance

Vehicle Servicing

Are people moving away from brand name dealerships to look for more affordable servicing alternatives, or simply opting for the DIY route?


Home entertainment

Bigger Better TVs

Are people looking to invest more in home entertainment?


Vitamins and Supplements

Staying Healthy

Has there been a significant increase in the purchasing of vitamins?


Home Improvement

Spending more time at home

People are now spending more time at home, have they been doing more DIY and investing in their homes, if so, to what extent?

Global Perspectives  

What are other regions saying 

Digital Yield | COVID-19 and the customer experience 

Digital Yield helps enterprise brands quickly build and

test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences.

WSJ | How Brands Are Advertising During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, companies are searching to find the right tone and message for their marketing. How are some of the world’s most recognizable companies re-envisioning their advertising?

Ohio Wesleyan University | Before and After Advertising and Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus

DOhio Wesleyan's "We’re In This Together: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Coronavirus Pandemic" - Ohio Wesleyan faculty members address the coronavirus pandemic from the perspectives of biology, politics, psychology, humanities, and other disciplines. 

AcuityAds Inc | Do We Need Advertising During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

There is widespread panic among advertisers to stop media and advertising spend as consumers self-isolate. The logic is simple - if nobody is travelling or out shopping, why advertise?

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