The Shell Helix range incentive campaign was designed to get sales staff excited about the products through a spirited and creative competition. They were required to arrange the products in a display that they thought would best attract the eye of the shopper. This multi-tiered approach included an on-the-spot rewards program to encourage staff to increase their knowledge of the key product elements, in order to promote and sell more units.


DIY mechanic and independent workshops.


Product sales were suffering due to a lack of promotion from sales staff.
Display units were not eye-catching enough to compete with other product offerings.
Sales staff were not up-to-date with key product information.


We developed an incentive campaign to reward sales staff for promoting and selling the Shell Helix range to shoppers. What made this approach unique was that we challenged the staff to build their own creative displays, which would be judged on a monthly basis against a set of requirements. We also made regular mystery shopper visits to the stores to issue on-the spot-rewards for correctly recommending the Helix product range to our mystery shoppers.

Sales reps

Angle Orange recruited sales reps to educate outlet managers and staff about the products and the Pit Crew Challenge.

A kit of elements

Including finish-line flags and point-of-sale counter units.

Trade presenter

To communicate the benefits of stocking the product in-store, thus incentivising the retailer to promote the product and increase sell-in.

Mystery shopper

To test and reinforce the staff’s knowledge of the products.


Sales and brand awareness increased amongst the participating retailers and targeted shoppers. Store managers and sales staff were successfully made an instrumental part of the Shell Helix  promotion.

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