The Evolution of Angle Orange and 7 Key Principles for Growing A Business

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The Evolution of Angle Orange and 7 Key Principles for Growing A Business

From a Point of Sale Design Studio to Fully Fledged Shopper Marketing agency today.  In 2005, we opened the doors of Angle Orange. With a creative and solutions-oriented mind and solid entrepreneurial spirit (inherited from my dad) my vision for the business was crystal clear. It would start as a below-the-line point of sale design studio filling a niche that traditional advertising agencies did not cater to in-house, and providing effective marketing solutions within retail environments for the likes of FMCG and brand clients. I can hardly believe that next year Angle Orange will have been in operation for 10 years and that we have grown from a team of 3 to 25! In many ways it has felt like 100 years and in others it has flashed by in a blink. There have been a number of defining and proud moments and milestones that we have reached along the way:

2005 – Registered Angle Orange and acquired Brandhouse as a client

2006 – Started working with King James Advertising Agency

2007 – Opened an office in Johannesburg. Lynne Haylett became a partner in the business, acquired Pernod Ricard and Castrol as new clients

2008 – Moved into offering clients more strategic solutions in retail marketing. Acquired Dulux, Shell and Makro as new clients. Started working with Ogilvy on British American Tobacco account

2009 – Started working directly with BAT – and acquired them as a client 2010-2012 – Angle Orange made a strategic business decision to consolidate and focus on penetration with key clients. Diversification of services began as clients needs changed and evolved so Angle Orange’s services adapted to provided solutions

During this period:

  • Angle Orange acquired BAT as a retainer client
  • A need was identified and Angle Orange started offering pack render design services to agencies – the subsidiary business Rendermatic was born
  • Ran trade campaign and field marketing with Shell Helix


2013 – Through an identified need for effective online sales and promotional staff training – subsidiary business KnowHow2 was born Angle Orange started developing games for brands as a mechanism to drive feet in store through real word rewards – Angle Orange Interactive division was created. It has been an interesting and exciting adventure being at the helm and steering the business through the different phases of growth that we have seen from a BTL design studio to a fully shopper marketing agency today. There have been many speed bumps and challenges along the way but having a set of 7 key principles that we have acquired along the way that can be applied to any situation have always helped to weather the storms. Because they have served us well we thought they were worth sharing. They can pretty much be applied to all businesses big and small and so are relevant to a number of different contexts and situations. Enjoy!

7 Key Principles for Growth

  • Your clients are your biggest assets – look after them, aim to become their partners not their suppliers
  • Take off the blissful blinkers – don’t assume that just because your services are relevant to your clients at this stage that they’ll continue to need you going forward – adapt and evolve so as to continue to meet clients needs
  • Be solutions-oriented and take it on – where there’s a will there’s a way and when an opportunity presents itself take it with both hands and make it happen
  • Think ahead, look ahead, plan ahead – avoid getting stuck in a comfortable rut but constantly looking ahead at trends and next big things going on in the industry and beyond, adapt and evolve
  • Innovate – those who don’t get left behind
  • Support your community and your country
  • As a business owner understand that you are nothing without your team – ensure that you support them and always keep them moving forward
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