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To drive awareness and create excitement among Shell Helix distributors about a new e-training program that was launching in South Africa.



Shell Helix distributors across South Africa.



We tackled this challenge by playing on our target learners’ sense of curiosity. Each learner received a box locked with a combination lock, and had to follow a web link to get the code. Once on the relevant web page, they were told about the power of knowledge and reminded that, without the required knowledge, they would be unable to open the box they had been sent. After following a few, simple steps, they were issued with the code to open the box. Once they opened the box it contained a USB with a video on the training and instructions on how to access the material. They also received earphones to use while training.



The project was a massive success, and this concept is now being used to launch the 2014/15 training material in other parts of the world.


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