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Create and increase top-of-mind awareness through branding to distinguish Saudabel from its competitors. The new “Red Cap” gallon bottle offering conveys Saudabel as the freshest, thirst quenching, purified, bulk water supplier in Angola. The goal was to produce a visual which would break the conventional approach of adding logos and slogans to create brand awareness and rather focus on the use of a semiotic approach to the product offering.



The targeted shoppers consist predominantly of businesses, companies, offices and workplaces with multiple staff members in the Angolan region.



Rendermatic, a division of Angle Orange, worked alongside Saatchi&Saatchi Brandsrock to produce a refreshing truck branding solution for Saudabel’s delivery fleet in Angola, a country with extremely high temperatures throughout the year. Visualizing their flagship product as an enormous bottle being transported on the back of the delivery trucks, communicated the brand’s message of crystal clear, purified water delivery service, without depending on long winded messages, which would be too difficult to read from afar. The 3D rendered bottle within the trucks’ container also gave the illusion of movement in the visual with the use of water splashing on the inside of the bottles to simulate the traffic conditions in constant gridlock, and the potholed roads the trucks use to deliver their products in Angola.



A 3D product render created an impactful visual of the product offering and acted as a moving billboard to carry the brand messaging effectively, even from a distance. It created brand and service delivery awareness, without relying on copy to sell the product.


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