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We received a request to manufacture a gifting tin for Ciroc. The tin houses a value add of two silicon ice moulds, along with the Ciroc bottle.



What made it a challenge was translating a faceted two dimensional graphic into a three dimensional, functional lid. This project required a set of skills often overlooked in our industry, which is the technical skill set. Not only did it need to visually match the design, we had to ensure that it was able to be manufactured. After resolving the technical design in house, we worked in conjunction with our partners in China to make the final adjustments to ensure functionality. We used a flocking blister to create the correct colour insert, and to securely house the bottle and mould. The exterior is a combination of the 3D facets as well as embossed and varnished elements highlighting specific details.



The end result is a very effective unit that draws attention on shelf.


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