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Developed by AO_interactive the new digital marketing division of Angle Orange

Objective: To engage and interact with BOS’ younger audiences on their relevant mobile platforms to drive brand awareness and interaction for BOS in an innovative, fun and entertaining way. To deliver a new and exciting platform to consumers that aligns well with the brand’s mission to engage, have fun and give joyful experiences.

Shopper: Younger markets and teens, but appealing to all age groups.



Solution: AO Interactive (our new digital division of Angle Orange) developed a runner-style, interactive mobile game for Bos that is easily downloadable through Google Playstore and Apple App store . BOS Runner is an engaging endless runner game that really aims to get players hooked on its simple game play and iconic bold BOS styling. The game is set against a stylized Cederburg mountain range, the natural and inspiring environment where BOS originates. Players play as the BOS lion which leaps off their iconic cans to fearlessly runs across the BOS landscape .Our lion is on a mission to collect as many BOS cans and stars as possible while trying to avoid menacing obstacles, such as rolling boulders and shrieking kieviets. As these BOS items are collected special power-ups and achievements are rewarded which when unlocked allow players the chance to win amazing BOS spot prizes or a year’s supply of BOS Iced tea in an awesome branded fridge.

Outcome: The campaign is a perfect example of how effectively, an innovative mobile platform can be used to market a brand. Players really enjoy playing the game, share it with their friends, and spread the word virally. Entering the BOS Runner competition with the chance to win prizes was a great added bonus, however rewards could always be linked back to store in order to assist in driving sales volumes. Gaming for brands is certainly something new and innovative – we are delighted to have pioneered this type of solution with BOS and look forward to developing many more!

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